Oscar Winner Tim Robbins and Rebecca Metz win the debate with Actors’ Equity on KCRW radio

McColl, Woodard, Robbins, Metz

The Actors’ Gang founder Tim Robbins and AEA member Rebecca Metz square off against Charlayne Woodard and AEA Executive Director Mary McColl over what Equity’s proposal means for LA. 

Six thousand local AEA members will start voting in two weeks on whether they should be paid California’s minimum wage of $9 an hour.

Moderated by Warren Olney, Tim Robbins and Rebecca Metz hold Equity’s feet to the fire and tell the truth about Equity’s disastrous proposal for intimate LA theater…

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And the winner is …

“If you’re Equity in L.A., again, listen to this before the upcoming vote. It’s as clear a picture as you’re going to get.
This is what they brought. This is all they had.
In a half hour, Equity Executive Director Mary McColl is extremely unguarded and transparent in the absolute lack of substance in her words, except once, when the host catches her in a lie. Charlayne Woodard repeats talking points and wanders off script and gets stuck in her own self-righteous ignorance. It’s humiliating to share humanity with such people.”