Support for #Pro99 from NY Actors’ Equity Councillor Kristine Nevins

Thank you Kristine Nevins!

kristine nevins supports #pro99“Please let the LA Members know that this proposal came from the Western Regional Board. As an Eastern Regional Councillor and former chair of Off Off Broadway I have appreciated hearing from our LA members. I do not believe that Equity is trying to shut down Equity Waiver Theatre and this is why I am concerned with the current Proposal. As a former Chair of Off Off Broadway I worked with Staff to make it easier to extend a Showcase Run and to transition to Contract. Numerous Seasonal Showcase Companies have become contract companies ie: SIGNATURE, PRIMARY STAGES, SECOND STAGE, AMAS REP, ATLANTIC THEATRE, even ROUND ABOUT, now a thriving LORT/Bdway company.

I would like to see theatre companies grow in LA. I am concerned the current proposal is flawed. (Too much, too soon) However, I am favor of the Members Project Code which is similar to NYC’ s Showcase, one-shot production Code and the Members Project Code of other cities.” – Kristine Nevins, Eastern Principal Councillor

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