Equity was able to gaslight the majority of its membership over its elimination of the 99-Seat Plan.


Equity is eliminating the 99-Seat Plan that broadened the availability of intimate theater opportunities for hundreds of actors.

“…what Equity did in just this instance, the artist – who is, after all, a truth-seeker – should be quite wary of other statements made by the Union and its officials.

…Equity invented the narrative that “L.A. actors don’t want to get paid.”  This is patently false.  If actors, who are so good at understanding character motivation, had applied their craft on the invented narrative, it would have withered quickly.  Instead, most actors outside Los Angeles accepted Equity’s line despite the constant and consistent claim from L.A. actors that “We are for change, just not this change” – from their first town hall meeting with Equity back in January 2015 through a town hall meeting in August 2016 and right to the present.

Another Equity meme is “The 99-Seat Plan allowed producers to take advantage of actors.” This convenient line neglected two inconvenient facts: (1) the majority of L.A. intimate theater productions are actor-produced (the producers are actors) and (2) Equity created the 99-Seat plan, specifically to ensure it would be difficult to take advantage of actors.  Mary McColl (and those supporting the Equity position) would justify the “evil producer” meme by first pointing to some  theater budgets that were large and then implying all  theaters had plenty of money to pay actors.  According to Equity’s false narrative, the theaters were simply holding back.”

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The Real Truth About Actors’ Equity Association, 99-Seat Theaters, and the Minimum Wage

Ask If It's Accurate - refuting equityworksla.com

Is Equity Accurate?

AEA members received an email last week announcing the launch of a new website.

EquityWorksLA.com has been created to inform Los Angeles Actors about “the many opportunities for work in Los Angeles”, as well as to clarify internal union membership rules, policies and contracts that are being used in LA County theaters with 99 seats or fewer.

This new website is about trust. Trusting the Union to present accurate information. Trusting the Union is make the right decisions. Trusting the Union to represent your best interests.

But what happens when a Union isn’t responsive to its members?

What happens when, instead of putting effort into having discussions, effort is put into framing discussions?

Well… that’s what you have on this new website.

EquityWorksLA.com – the review. Read it► HERE 

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AEA issues ANOTHER Press Release

just the facts

Kevin Delin responds:

” …there are many facts that Equity has deliberately avoided addressing or explaining. Addressing and explaining these facts would be a good starting point if the Union’s case has real merit and is for the benefit of all its members.”

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What defines a professional?

Is it the work? Or is it the pay?

what defines a professional actor?

…”At what pay level do professionals start becoming professional?
Minimum wage. According to (Actors’)Equity, that is. ” – Kevin Delin

Or is there another marker for what makes one a professional? And more specifically, should AEA claim a different defining point?

Kevin Delin dissects this hot topic on Footlights.   Click HERE for full article.