Actors’ Equity Association members march to protect LA’s intimate theaters from their own union

Pro99 march on AEA - March 23, 2015

Frances Fisher, French Stewart, Jeff Perry, and Daisy Eagan joined over 300 others in a protest march by members of Actors’ Equity Association against the proposal announced by their union to end the 99-Seat Theater Plan in Los Angeles.

On Monday, March 23rd, they walked the one-mile route, starting at the intersection of Lankershim, Vineland and Camarillo in the NoHo Arts District and ending in front of the AEA offices on Tujunga near Burbank Blvd.

“We are a large group of Actors Equity members and theater patrons, people who love 99-seat theater. We are telling Equity that this proposal to shut down 99-seat theater as written is not right for us in this L.A. theater community. We all want change, but not this change. And this demonstration is to let the world know what we’re doing…” – Frances Fisher, aea member

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