Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren – actress

“Actors are often taken advantage of and financially abused, but this is a case of actors doing what they want to. No one in this situation is going to make a million, while a contributing artist starves.”

jason alexander

Jason Alexander – actor, director, writer

“We all deserve to be compensated for our work and for those of us dedicated to the theater, we know the discipline and sacrifice we make for the stage. We should be rewarded for that. But this contract is not the place.”

blythe danner

Blythe Danner – actress

“It’s ridiculous and disrespectful that anyone wants to do away with them…99 seat theatres… How did such a repugnant idea come about in the first place?


John Rubinstein – actor, composer

“Sure, we all want “change” for the better. Who doesn’t? But THIS change will destroy small theater in Los Angeles. Period. It will not garner a single penny more for actors doing 99-seat theater in this city so full of actors happily doing small theater BY CHOICE. It will, however, make it impossible for most of those theaters to keep providing the spaces and the opportunities for thousands of LA actors to do what they choose, and love, to do… Change? Yes. I am for change: YOU change this proposal.


Neil LaBute– playwright, screenwriter, film director

I trust in Equity but I don’t trust that their most recent proposal is the right idea for us at this time. The equation is really that simple: money vs. art. The one should never give way to the other and when and if that day does come, it may well be time for me to stop pursuing my muse (she’ll probably be glad to hear it).


Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle

“The Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle views the impending changes of policy concerning the small theaters of the greater Los Angeles area with alarm. We are concerned that the inevitable result of such changes will be a drastic reduction in the amount and quality of local theater.”


Frances Fisher, actress

“Our union, which is supposed to bring us together, is driving us apart. Actors shouldn’t look for ways to prevent their fellow actors from ACTING.

I am #PRO99   #WeWantChangeJustNotThisChange”

evan handler

Evan Handler, actor and author

I am deeply, deeply disappointed in the behavior of my union in claiming to ‘listen’ to all sides, while advocating so strongly for one position ...”


Margaret McCarley, actress

“You say: ‘How can we be taken seriously asking for more money on one contract, when we’ve eschewed MINIMUM WAGE on another?” The real question is: How can we be taken seriously asking for more money on one contract, when we begged to be paid minimum wage on another?’ “

andy fickman

Andy Fickman, Major Motion Picture Director

“I am a director and a producer because of what the Los Angeles 99-Seat Theatre Plan provided for me: opportunity—simply opportunity to show the town a little bit more about myself.”


Kristin Towers-Rowles, actor and 99 seat theatre director, Sweeney Todd

” …if there was ever a production that clearly defines what can be accomplished by the 99 seat plan, it is this one.”

Evangeline Ordaz

Evangeline Ordaz, ESQ. playwright and attorney

“If AEA really cared about actors of color they would be putting as much effort into diversifying regional theaters as they are into destroying the 99 seat plan…”


Hollywood Arts Council

“After decades of bringing positive change to Hollywood, … affordable, innovative live theatre may disappear from our community. If small nonprofit theatres are no longer able to operate—if actors are not allowed to volunteer their time within their own community—we will all suffer from this absence of art.”


Jeff Perry – Company member and co-founder, Steppenwolf Theatre Company

“I haven’t heard a single voice in our LA actor community who believes that minimum wage rules imposed on our 99 seat stages will lead to our ability to earn a living solely on the stage. The most likely result of such an imposition will instead lead to the destruction of a resource we desperately love.”

dennis christopher

Dennis Christopher – Actor

I volunteer at these non-profit theaters to keep the Theater tradition alive & to maintain my own artistic freedom. I love my Union. Please don’t close our playground. Our art belongs to us.


Sabra Williams – Actor and Director of Outreach, The Actors’ Gang

“Please do not assume that actors who are against the current proposal do not think actors should be paid. That’s plain ignorant. I haven’t yet met an actor who doesn’t want, need and require payment for their work … Before you judge, make false accusations and assumptions, ASK.”

Richard Azurdia

Richard Azurdia, AEA member

“I owe a lot to the companies (that have used the 99 Seat Plan) that have cast me in their productions, whether the roles were cast blindly or ethnic specific. I have gotten … contract work because of the 99 Seat Plan.”

Kurt Deutsch1

Kurt Deutsch, AEA member and CEO of Sh-K-Boom & Ghostlight Records

“We didn’t do it for the money we did it as a way of working out our craft.”


Sam Anderson, actor and co-artistic director, The Road Theatre

“I firmly believe Los Angeles in not New York, nor is it remotely fair to say what I keep hearing that the people who support small theatre are only “99-seat actors anyway.””


Padraic Duffy – managing director, Sacred Fools Theater Company

“We’ve been growing slowly and steadily. And we agree that the goal should be to pay actors—and everyone, for that matter—more. But this plan will force us to take a step backward. You don’t make a small theater become a professional theater by forcing it to be a community theater.”

Deborah Barylski

Deborah Barylski – Casting Director

“… my story is all the wonderful actors I have met/been introduced to/been amazed by over the years. I love you guys. I love how throw down your hearts and your stomachs all over my casting office and all over these stages. I wouldn’t know many of you or known your full range if I hadn’t seen you in a play. AND I KNOW MANY CASTING DIRECTORS WHO FEEL THE SAME WAY..”