Los Angeles is about to lose a part of its cultural infrastructure


Yes, this is a dramatic image. But we are talking about the THEATER here.
The very reason so many of us get up in the morning.

December 13 was the last day of small theater in Los Angeles as we’ve known it for the last three decades. 

Yes that is a dramatic statement. But sadly, it’s TRUE.

“It doesn’t feel like a big deal because there are no front page stories, even on the art section because, let’s face it, there is no art section. There is no rally in the streets by the theater community. There is no city-wide campaign of support for these actors. But it is a big deal, Los Angeles is about to lose a part of its cultural infrastructure: less theater, less art, less community . . . and that’s a tragedy.” – Anthony Byrnes Opening the Curtain on LA Theater for KCRW ► READ MORE

“December 14 is the day that the stage actors’ union, Actors Equity, implements a plan that will certainly decimate the Los Angeles theater scene, and will hit especially hard the most vulnerable – minority, women-centered and LGBT communities…. Theater has long served to bring a voice to the powerless, and nowhere more than in the small fringe movements that have sprung up from the fearlessness and dedication of underrepresented communities. In one fell swoop, and with little regard for their membership, Actors Equity has muzzled the voices of the many artists who speak truth to power, and joined the ranks of those who would rob them – and the audiences they serve – of their hopes and dreams.
It is indeed a sad day in LA.”  – Hoyt Hilsman for Huffington Post ► READ MORE

“Perhaps the most important opportunities provided by the now bludgeoned 99-Seat Plan was the quality of the local culture for the audiences who attended the tens of thousands of performances staged here over the decades. The number and quality of those performances will now inevitably be diminished… In this Brave New World, when the U.S. President-elect is already attacking union leaders and unionism in general, Actors’ Equity Association, with its inimitable lack of foresight, flexibility and empathy, couldn’t have found a more impolitic time to enrage its own membership in its second largest market.” – Steven Leigh Morris for This Stage.LA Magazine ► READ MORE

December 14th Press Release:

Members of L.A.’s “Pro99” theater community continue to gather signatures to demand a new referendum on Actors’ Equity’s 99-Seat Theater Plan, which is scheduled to end today.


SIGN the referendum

“Our community is united. We will prevail.” – Members of Pro99

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One comment on “Los Angeles is about to lose a part of its cultural infrastructure

  1. This is truly a crime of the heart! A heart of love for its members as well as we the people who come to see threes performer’s perform. Their ambition and drive to create such quality production is beyond what you could ever imagine. I for one am sadden for theses people who have put so much of their time and effort into sharing their abilities to us the patrons who have come to see them time and time again. And Wei continue to go on seeing them perform. But do dad they will have to do it with out pay. After they have paid their dues. They have nothing left to show for it. Except to continue to go on and hopefully one day 99 seat will come back! We the people must speak up. Even if we are not union. We do support them by going to see them perform. They need us now more than ever!

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