The Real Truth About Actors’ Equity Association, 99-Seat Theaters, and the Minimum Wage

Ask If It's Accurate - refuting

Is Equity Accurate?

AEA members received an email last week announcing the launch of a new website. has been created to inform Los Angeles Actors about “the many opportunities for work in Los Angeles”, as well as to clarify internal union membership rules, policies and contracts that are being used in LA County theaters with 99 seats or fewer.

This new website is about trust. Trusting the Union to present accurate information. Trusting the Union is make the right decisions. Trusting the Union to represent your best interests.

But what happens when a Union isn’t responsive to its members?

What happens when, instead of putting effort into having discussions, effort is put into framing discussions?

Well… that’s what you have on this new website. – the review. Read it► HERE 

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