From 99-Seat to Contract – LA’s Intimate Theater Creates Jobs

99 seat to contract

More than that, it creates careers

On average, more than 6 shows started in a 99-seat theatre move to AEA contract per year.

At least 127 productions that began in 99-Seat theaters graduated to a level where the actors received Equity contracts.

So far, 917 Equity contracts have been generated from these shows.

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Some of the many shows that have gone to contract:

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One comment on “From 99-Seat to Contract – LA’s Intimate Theater Creates Jobs

  1. INcredible. How in hell could this “union” for theater artists throw up such egregious roadblocks. Look for the money involved, I think. More reading oaths subject is required: It will help me and other who love live theater hit Aftra harder.

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